Kisses From Ruby


Meet Ruby.

I was trying to take a scenic angled photograph of Coniston Water, but this little munchkin had other ideas. A big slobbery kiss/lick was given. That’ll teach me for crouching down to dog level!

I was visiting Coniston for my job from Tuesday to Friday. On Wednesday afternoon, I went canoeing – hence my earlier post about me feeling a bit seasick. Yesterday, the water was still as could be. The reflections were something out of photoshop; the landscape was utterly stunning and beautiful.

The sun was hidden behind thick misty clouds, but what’s to worry about? My BBC weather app said it wasn’t going to rain til 2pm, and it was well before midday. Fab.


An hour into the canoeing activity, I got a bit suspicious. Possibly about 30 seconds had the words “we’ve been so lucky with the weather this week” left my lips that the heavens opened.

To say I was drenched was an understatement. My team mates had seized up with the cold and wet, the water dropped off my nose and I wanted to cry so badly. So bad. But we persevered, paddled on till we got to the shore.



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