Coniston Water

As I write this, I lie in Coniston youth hostel watching a spider run across the floor. On the positive note, I haven’t got my glasses on so can’t fully appreciate its monstrosity!

Yesterday I took this photo of the beautiful, albeit extremely choppy, Coniston Water. It was here that I took a brilliant, yet tiring canoe ride that lasted over an hour. You will be interested to know and hear that I now have muscles as big as Dwayne Johnson.

The weather was breezy but welcoming as the sun shone brightly in my eyes. However, that wasn’t the problem I faced halfway through the trip.

I’ve never suffered from motion sickness, but seasickness has reared it’s ugly head now and again. At the start of this year I took a brilliant ride to the Farne Islands on a little boat. I was fine as I gazed out into the distance, but after a short while started to feel rather iffy.

The same thing happened yesterday. Only this time, the splash back from the waves against the canoe hit my face, and my legs got quite wet. Fortunately I had waterproofs on!

But the sickness came gradually and lightly. Unlike the waves! Well, I blame the waves – I’m not sure devouring an almost full pack of Drumstick Squashies played a part…

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon. But I’m still ground is where I belong!

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