Sunrise Cinema Trip


I will set the scene: it’s cold, windy and you’re waiting for the bus to go to the cinema with kids.

When the morning is set to look bleak, you soak up your surroundings and notice the sheer beauty of the sky behind you.

Taken on my phone and lightly edited on Lightroom : tada!



Guy Fawkes

I went to a firework display at New Year to see in 2019. I was quite disappointed with my pictures. I had researched before hand the modes and settings to have my camera and was ready to rock. But I just couldn’t capture the magic moments properly.

Last night was a different story. Almost a year has passed and my photography skills, I feel, have vastly improved. Above is my favourite photo from last night.

I went to a bonfire night firework display yesterday along with thousands of people and enjoyed every second. Although my neck did hurt from looking up at the sky for so long!

But it was worth it for the results.


Let The Light Lead The Way

Leading Lights

You’ve got to go for what you dream of. Decide what means so much to you and go full throttle, don’t look back.

Life’s a one way system. You can only move forward. Make every second count and make as many memories as possible. Don’t take your life for granted, savour every minute.

The photo posted above is a library in the city. Because it get dark early now, the light shines through the windows. So, be the light in someone’s life, especially your own.

Go for it. Anything and everything.



Early Riser


For a year now I’ve wanted to head down to the beach and take some photos of the sunrise. But, due to a busy work schedule and me being a wimp for waking up early and embracing the cold, I never found the time.

As I have a week off this week, it was either today or the next equinox. This morning it was.

Setting my alarm for 5:40am, with the intention of having half an hour to get ready and wake up!

Alarm goes off, I decide to give myself 5 more minutes in bed…

45 minutes later!

Surprisingly, I managed to get ready extremely quickly and headed out the door.

Sunrise was 7:04am. I arrived at my first destination at 7:05am! Bang on time! And it was beautiful! The view was stunning and a precious moment I will treasure forever.

However, the location wasn’t working for me so I headed up further along the coast. I went onto the beach, and wow!


I loved it! The sun beautifully peaked behind the lovely clouds and left a stunning reflection on the beach. And, I even made a friend!

Such a brilliant morning.

And, I have managed 3 breakfasts!

Win win.


Make a Wish

The Wishing Tree

If you could wish for anything – what would it be?

I came across this broken tree on a walk in the Lake District. The trunk had been broken off and lay clumsily beside the pathway. But that wasn’t the strangest thing – it was covered in coins!

Instead of typically throwing your wishing pennies into a wishing well over your shoulder, residents and passerby’s push their wishes and coins into the trunk of this tree. The trunk is so soft that the pennies can slot right in.

A new way to count your blessings.


Ankle Twist

Steady Footing

Everywhere I go, especially with my friend photographed in this picture, I twist my ankle.

A year ago (April 2018), I was happily taking a nice stroll through Jesmond Dene. When, suddenly out of nowhere, I went over on my left ankle and tumbled to the ground. I managed to land on my right leg, putting a huge hole in my jeans, and equally my knee.

Getting up quickly didn’t help either, as it resulted in me being extremely lightheaded – so much so, I had to sit down and a wonderful kind man gave me water.

To this day, I have the scar to show for it!

Today I didn’t go over on my ankle too badly, just a quick and fierce wobble. No bruises or tubey grips for me!



A Thousand Miles

Which Way?

Currently in Coniston, I walked the best part of 8 miles. It was the most beautiful walk I had ever been on in my life. The amazing views of the hills, the gorgeous nature and greenery and the fact that I was with an actual proper walker and wasn’t going to get lost was incredible.

The morning started quite foggy and damp in the air. I dressed myself in layers, including a thick woolly jumper and waterproof trousers, and was ready for my hike.

It began with a rocky ascent and descent for the first hour. The rest of the group ploughed on ahead whilst I gingerly overanalysed every slippery step. Throughout the whole walk I felt like the rhino at the end of the stampede in Jumanji! Wait for me!

Because I spent so much time staring continuously at the ground for the first part of the walk, I rarely got time to savour the scenery. It wasn’t until around and after lunch I really got the chance to absorb everything in.

We passed many tranquil and stunning areas on the walk. I love trees. To my liking, the land was full of them.

At lunchtime we stopped in a little tarn. It was so beautiful. Landscape to dream of!

Afterwards, we embarked on a variety of paths, mud, more slippy rocks, streams and hills. Some of which were a great challenge.

Several things kept me going on this awesome trek; scenery, chats and laughs, singing Lizzo’s “Good As Hell”, taking photos, knowing I needed the toilet… but the main thing was my bag of Terry Chocolate Orange! Life saver.

The Lake District is an utterly beautiful paradise. But I would go in the summer when it’s warm!