It’s a Dogs Life

A few weeks ago, I took some pictures of these two beauties.

Now, the trick I find for pet photography is definitely a fast shutter speed!

Sliding the camera dial to “action” mode, I was well prepared for these two running around and enjoying their lives!

I, on the other hand, wasn’t enjoying life when my camera decided to reject the SD card!

Fortunately I had a spare in my bag – and all was not lost, as I was able to salvage the images I took when I got home to edit.

I use a Nikon DSLR D3400.

I have been told that Sandisk SD cards are best for my camera. Also, don’t delete your pictures on your camera! Just keep snapping and you can delete them when you get home via phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop. Apparently deleting on the camera damages the memory of the card.

So, when you are out and about snapping like I do, make sure you have extra equipment!

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Remember being a child, and building and digging in the sand?

Not a care in the world, sand between your toes and chasing the waves!


I came across this beauty on Blyth Beach. I was taking this snail eye view shot of this castle, when it’s creator, an 8 year old boy, came up to me to ask if I liked it.

How could I not?!

Snail eye views are my favourite camera angle. The aim is get your camera as low to the ground as possible in order to give the impression of height and power in your images.

To do this with your camera, simply place it on the ground and slightly angle the lens to the sky.

For a phone, turn it upside down!

Have a try now!


Seaside Summer

☀️Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!☀️

Fortunately, with living in the North East of England, I am surrounded by a few beautiful beach hot spots – all with a different view point.

Blyth Beach Huts

I visited Blyth beach yesterday. Normally I go in the evening time, whilst it’s calm and very quiet but, as I was meeting some friends, a midday visit it was!

I love the beach huts! The contrast of the vibrant colours against the bright blue sky is always a winner for me. However, on this occasion, my OCD was playing up as one of the huts white gate wasn’t closed!

Can you spot it?

Tanning the Toes

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the sun, sea and sand!

Taking pictures at the beach is always great fun! As long as you are careful not to catch anyone in your images (unless with their permission), it’s amazing how many things you can take photos of!

Give it a try!

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Flipping Products for Cash

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to earn some money.

I currently run and own a photography business, and as I have lots of items around the house, decided to give flipping a go.

Flipping is when you buy a product for a cheap price and sell it for more than you paid.

I came across “Product Flipping Blueprint” on Sunday.

By that afternoon I was applying the easy tips and simple tricks in order to sell my products.

This ebook, which you can find through my affiliate link at the end of this blog, teaches you the basics of flipping in an easy to follow and understand way. It’s a fantastic baseline for earning some quick and easy cash.

You don’t need to buy anything – begin with selling things in and around your house.

You can flip anything from anywhere.

What can you flip?

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Easy Top Tips For Selfies

💡 Face a lit window or a light source

💁‍♀️ Find your preferred angle for you selfie, either look straight at the camera or try a head tilt

🤳🏻 lift your phone higher than head and look up – this eliminates double chins

For more simple but effective photography tips, tricks and techniques, I run a 14 day email course for £30!

That’s £15 a week/ £2.14 a day!

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JT/ JT Photography

Do This One Thing For Amazing Photos

Ever wanted to take amazing photos?

Follow and do this technique for that perfect picture!

Rule of Thirds
This is the most common rule I use whilst taking photographs. The aim is to make your subject the focal point in your image by placing it in one of these 9 squares: (imagine all of these boxes make up your screen of your phone or camera)

Or in one of these rows or columns:

You will see below an example of a dandelion in each of the 9 squares. Which one is your favourite position?

In each square, the dandelion is in a different position. If you look at one of the squares, you will see that the rest of the image is one colour (green grass). In making the rest of the image a contrasting colour, the object of your picture stands out. Ideally you want a background/rest of the image to be a different colour to your subject. This is so the object is not swamped or distracted by the background. 
Where is the eye drawn?

The bee is in box number 5 (referring back to the 9 square diagram) or in the red section of the horizontal lines diagram. The bee stands out in this image because of its darker colour and the fact the the pink flowers are symmetrical on each side. I have taken this picture so that the pink petals are even on both sides, and the eye is drawn to the centre. 
Here are some other examples:

Elephant is in box number 3. (Top right)

The flowers take up 2/3 of the image. Also, the bottom right flower (which is in box number 9) stands out. 

The leaf takes up the middle third of the image.

Your turn : try out this method and see what you can create!

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Swanning About

Took a lovely trip to my favourite local lake yesterday. I was expecting to see all the swans next to the car park, as usual, but luck wouldn’t have it yesterday! They were nowhere to be seen! Typical, as I had brought my camera.

But wait? What’s that on the other side of the lake?

Power walking around the water reserve I came across a father and his young son feeding the swans. And when I say swans, there must have been 20 of them!

As the swans happily ate the bread that the father and son were happily throwing to them, I happily sat on the grass and took some shots of these beautiful and majestic birds.

With my super zooming lens in tow, I enjoyed taking an array of pictures of these stunning creatures. Mostly on auto mode, I didn’t want to take the risk of missing quality images.

Sometimes auto is the way forward!


Living The Dream

Boot Planter

Aim high. Go for your dreams. Live the life you want.

When I have a dream, goal or aim I write a list. In this list are several small goals in order to reach my main goal.

Originally I wanted 2000 followers on Instagram. Achieved. Next I would like 2100 followers. Then I will move onto 2500, 3k, 5k etc.

If you gave small achievable aims, then you have regular wins. Regular wins equate to regular highs, which usually encourages you to go bigger and better.

Don’t lose the faith. Keep pushing, keep succeeding. You will make it!

Lots of steps


I am thankful for…

My hard work.

For the last few weeks, especially the last week, I have pushed my business and I am so pleased with the ideas that I have followed through and also the ideas that are worth thinking about.

I love taking photos. It fills my life with love and peace, and I enjoy spending time with families taking their portraits.

Sometimes when you have a dream or an aim, just go for it. Go for it. Take the chances and the plunge. You may pull it right out of the bag. But if not, you’ll learn from it.

You owe it to yourself to give it a go.

So give it a go! You’ll be glad you did.