A Thousand Miles

Which Way?

Currently in Coniston, I walked the best part of 8 miles. It was the most beautiful walk I had ever been on in my life. The amazing views of the hills, the gorgeous nature and greenery and the fact that I was with an actual proper walker and wasn’t going to get lost was incredible.

The morning started quite foggy and damp in the air. I dressed myself in layers, including a thick woolly jumper and waterproof trousers, and was ready for my hike.

It began with a rocky ascent and descent for the first hour. The rest of the group ploughed on ahead whilst I gingerly overanalysed every slippery step. Throughout the whole walk I felt like the rhino at the end of the stampede in Jumanji! Wait for me!

Because I spent so much time staring continuously at the ground for the first part of the walk, I rarely got time to savour the scenery. It wasn’t until around and after lunch I really got the chance to absorb everything in.

We passed many tranquil and stunning areas on the walk. I love trees. To my liking, the land was full of them.

At lunchtime we stopped in a little tarn. It was so beautiful. Landscape to dream of!

Afterwards, we embarked on a variety of paths, mud, more slippy rocks, streams and hills. Some of which were a great challenge.

Several things kept me going on this awesome trek; scenery, chats and laughs, singing Lizzo’s “Good As Hell”, taking photos, knowing I needed the toilet… but the main thing was my bag of Terry Chocolate Orange! Life saver.

The Lake District is an utterly beautiful paradise. But I would go in the summer when it’s warm!


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