Beautiful Brighton

Brighton Beach

Beautiful Brighton. Says it all in the title of this post.

In 2017, I decided to see how many places I could visit solo in the uk – financially possible of course!

I visited Brighton in the August and, ever since, it has had a very special place in my heart.

I can’t pinpoint exactly one thing that was my favourite aspect of this amazing city; the pebble beaches, colourful lights and rides of the pier, seeing the sea beneath your feet through the wooden slats of the walkway, the vast architectural buildings and the exciting market streets. So many wonderful memories.

I stayed in a hotel called “MyBrighton”. A very quirky and vibrant hotel that catered for every need. Right in the city centre, it was the key location to the Pizza Express next door, beach and pier only being a short walk away, with buzzing pubs on the way. Perfect.

One day, I think it was the day before I came home, I decided to go and visit the shops. It was on the way I took this photo of the deck chairs. At 10am, the beach was peaceful and tranquil; families with young children chased the waves and the seagulls basked in the early summer morning heat.

I finally located the shopping centre (my geography and sense of direction is quite questionable) where I enjoyed a Superdrug meal deal for my lunch.

Deciding to discover more of Brighton, I came across a secret lane of shops where I came across heaven: Choccywoccydoodah! It was here I bought I lovely small bag of delicious chocolate drops.

It was around 2pm when I sat on the pebble beach next to Brighton Pier, eating my chocolate drops that I realised something: how completely proud and happy I was. Not only had I accomplished my adventure without dramas or problems, I was in my new happy place. Watching the children laughing, teens chatting and taking photos, people swimming in and out of the fresh waves of the sea – it was a memory I would have with me forever. Pure bliss.

Visit Brighton if you get the chance. Then thank me later ☺️


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