Welcome To My City

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hello! Welcome to my city and my business blog!

I am JT from JT Photography, and on this blog you will hear stories and tips about the photographs I have taken in and around my city of Newcastle.

The photo I have posted today is of the Quayside bridges.

Walking in town with my friend on a mild Saturday evening, heavy camera kit in tow, we came across the entrance to a party boat.

We followed an excited bunch of well dressed women on a hen party onto the ramp, clearly not looking part of their party in our thick coats and trainers, and positioned ourselves precariously on the edge of the ramp. The photo seen above is a product of the wobbliness of the ramp alongside the 10 second shutter speed of my Nikon 3400!

Satisfied with the photo, but wanting to try another angle, we decided to descend down the ramp to the river edge. And when I say edge, the water was extremely close. If my camera stand tumbled for any reason, I would have been in big trouble…

Feeling adventurous, and thinking how wonderful the shots would look from this angle – not long was our shutter speed in action before we were told to vacate the area by party boat security.

Just another night in the life of a photographer!


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