Jesmond Winner

Bridge Over Jesmond Water

At the start of this year, a friend informed me that there was a photography competition in one of our parts of the city. Initially, I was under the impression it was for a calendar, however I found out this week that wasn’t just the case.

In April, after having taken a selection of images of and in the said area (Jesmond), I journeyed to the library to collect the entry form.

The first visit was a fail as the library was closed, but the second time was more successful – at least it was open! I asked the polite staff if I could collect a form to enter my photos into their “A Year in Jesmond” 2020 calendar. Puzzled, they looked for the form, which was found 5 minutes later.

Upon returning home, I photocopied the entry slip, filled out the details for each submission – 5 in total per entrant – and emailed them off to the gentleman in charge.

Months pass and I receive an email in late September. It read that there were ten entrants/participants and that we should be hearing from them soon with a final verdict. Wonderful! So then there’s a chance that I should get chosen for at least one of the months of the calendar!

A week later I receive a wonderful email explaining that my “Bridge Over Jesmond Water” has come joint first as the overall winner! Furthermore, not only will the calendar be created within a couple of weeks, but an additional prize will be rewarded to myself and my fellow joint winner!

Just goes to show that hard work well and truly pays off.

I wait in anticipation for my prize. Watch this space.


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