December, 1st


I will set the scene: paths are slippy, cars are frosted over, it’s 3°c at the highest and it’s December.. I know, lets go for a walk in nature!

I love nature. I love being outside, especially with my camera. The cold doesn’t bother me, as such, just as long as the sun is shining – I’m off out!

In my city, beautiful Newcastle, there is a tranquil hidden gem called Jesmond Dene. Here is where you find a small animal enclosure, called “Pets Corner”, a wonderful cafe and gorgeous surroundings of a waterfall and stream encased by tall towering trees.

I didn’t want to be out for too long due to the cold, but I managed to take 50 photographs within the hour and a half I was there.

Jesmond Waterfall

I was walking along one of the paths where I can across a gentleman with his two children. He told me to be careful on the bridge (where I took this photo). When I came to the bridge, I totally understood what he meant. To say it was slippy is probably an understatement. I didn’t test it out, dare I add, but watching other members of the public doing so made me stay on the side. How the ladies with prams got to the top, is beyond my comprehension!


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