Sometimes you have an idea that explodes in your mind. One that feels like everything has come together and you have that eureka moment! Well, I haven’t had any of those recently.

At work, my day job is a teaching assistant, I run a lunchtime film club. For the last 6 years I have watched films with the children but this year I decided to take a new more vocational approach.

It would drive me absolutely insane and irate when the children would talk all the way through the films, so why don’t I do a bit more of a hands on club? Each week focuses on a duty of film making. For the next two weeks it is special effects.

My not – so – eureka idea was to do paper maché. Not only have I used up half the planets supply of glue for my fifteen children, the 40 minute clear up afterwards made the task instantly regrettable.

But the balloons are dry, and the children are ready for painting their masks next week. I “can’t wait”!

The picture I have chosen to accompany this post is a photo I took at Whitley Bay’s Bonfire Night Spectacular! The fireworks were amazing and a 10 second shutter speed was used with and ISO of 100 and f stop 11.


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