Early Riser


For a year now I’ve wanted to head down to the beach and take some photos of the sunrise. But, due to a busy work schedule and me being a wimp for waking up early and embracing the cold, I never found the time.

As I have a week off this week, it was either today or the next equinox. This morning it was.

Setting my alarm for 5:40am, with the intention of having half an hour to get ready and wake up!

Alarm goes off, I decide to give myself 5 more minutes in bed…

45 minutes later!

Surprisingly, I managed to get ready extremely quickly and headed out the door.

Sunrise was 7:04am. I arrived at my first destination at 7:05am! Bang on time! And it was beautiful! The view was stunning and a precious moment I will treasure forever.

However, the location wasn’t working for me so I headed up further along the coast. I went onto the beach, and wow!


I loved it! The sun beautifully peaked behind the lovely clouds and left a stunning reflection on the beach. And, I even made a friend!

Such a brilliant morning.

And, I have managed 3 breakfasts!

Win win.


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